Low Cost MBA Consulting Team for a Semester

I teach a consulting lab at the University of Houston's C.T. Bauer College of Business. Each semester two to four companies are selected to have a team of MBA students assigned to work with key company executives on a business challenge. Each team of students is selected from a field of applicants. The students’ resumes are reviewed and the faculty makes final selection for the team.

In previous semesters projects have ranged from location and market entry strategies for banks, organizational design for moving intellectual property from design to commercialization for a telemedicine collaboration and the development of space use efficiency programs for a major airport system . For the immediate future projects include a marketing strategy for an Internet of Things software company, a marketing strategy for a global writer/author association and a manpower efficiency study for a major airport system.

To participate a company must complete an application (shown below) and be willing to cover any travel or project expenses required (company approves any expenses before they are incurred). The fee for a one semester project is $15,000.

If your company would like to be considered, please complete the application below and email it to me at gary@gwrresearch.com. We will be selecting companies for the Fall semester (starts in August 2016) by June 15, 2016.

Developing a Project Request for Proposal (RFP) Description
Using this format, please describe the project that you want a C.T. Bauer MBA team to work on. Once you submit it to C.T. Bauer, it will be reviewed by a faculty member to assess whether it is feasible or not. Often the projects, as described by clients, are more than a team of students can do successfully in the time available. Sometimes the projects do not require the skills and knowledge of MBA students. You will get feedback from the faculty about the proposal.

1.     What is the problem or the challenge to be addressed?

2.     What is the scope of the project?  (What specifically the student team will focus on. What it will not focus on)

3.     What is the context – The organizational unit? The business it is in? Any previous efforts to address it? The reason for addressing it now?  The stakeholders for it?  Any other relevant information about context?

4.     What background information do the students need to know about your business in order to do this project?

7.     What data does your organization already have that the student team can analyze?

14. What obstacles or difficulties do you expect the team to encounter in doing this work?

15. Any other comments that will make this project interesting or attractive to the students:

For a sample project analysis report please contact Gary Randazzo at gary@gwrresearch.com and I will send an outline of the process and an example of the final deliverables that will be presented by the team.


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