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Developing a Consulting Project Proposal and Preventing 'Scope Creep"

When presented with a new consulting project proposal it is very important to have an approach that will provide the foundation that will create a successful outcome for the client and the consultant. Defining a Project Objective and Developing a Proposal At the point that discussions with a prospect turn into the identification of an area of need, the basis has been laid to develop a proposal. The area of need would establish the objective of a consulting project. In the initial discussions an effort should be made to identify as precisely as possible, the area of need (objective) and the deliverable that would provide real value. The deliverable will be the core of the proposal. For example, if a client has an idea for a new product but doesn’t know the size of the market or if the product fills a real need, the area of need or objective would be understanding the value of the proposed product to consumers and determining the size of the market. The proposal might be to: “I