Using Generative AI for Marketing Strategy and Planning Part II Last Week I discussed the initial phases of using AI for marketing strategy development and planning. AS with last week, the lens through which to view the marketing strategy and planning process is: M ission, V ision, O bjective, S ituation Analysis, S trategy, T actics and E xecution or MVOSSTE. Last week I covered how AI could be used to generate potential projects, how it might be used to give ideas of how design the research process when doing situation analyses. It is important to understand in each of these cases AI is drawing upon information has been made available through the Internet. For an organization to make proper use of AI it is important to understand that AI is a tool and answers may not fir the organization's specific situation. Now to consider marketing strategy, marketing strategy can be defined as the use of Price, Place (logistics), Product (the organization's offering) and Promotion to cr