A Process To Choose Ad Media For Ad Campaigns

The Dilemma

Today there are so many options for businesses to advertise their products or services to consumers that the decision making process becomes difficult at best. The new technologies allow new methods of reaching potential customers and new marketing techniques provide different approaches to segmenting groups into meaningful audiences.  It seems that each advertising medium has a logical story that suggests it is the best medium to use to reach current and potential customers. Here are some steps that will help design an effective ad campaign.

Determine the Job To Be Done

A business may want to reinforce relationships with current customers, attract new customers, introduce a new product, create a need for a product or build an image. These are but a few of the jobs that may need accomplished and they each may require a different mode of advertising.  The media that will work best will depend on the audience to be reached. It is likely that an advertiser will need to use several media. For example, a company wishing to strengthen its image as reliable with its current customer base and develop a new customer base with an image of being innovative might require one set of media for each set of customers.
For an ad agency, media executive or Chief Marketing Officer this is the most important step in building a successful ad campaign.
Once a clear understanding of the job to be done is completed it is time to consider the type of media and the cost effectiveness.

Determine Media Usage by Customer Segment

There is abundant information available on media usage by demographic and psychographic characteristics. Matching each of the advertiser’s customer groups using these characteristics with the appropriate media improves the chances that the targeted advertising message will reach the right audience. 
It is important to note that a company’s established customer base may have a different demographic profile than a new customer base that is targeted. For example, an Internet game developer may have an established audience that is young, single and at the early stages of a career. This developer may also want to find a market in the business community for a program that allows business professionals to test various market scenarios. Reaching these two audiences will require considerable thought to message design and media choice.

Determine the Budget

 It is important to understand the amount of money available to accomplish the task set for the advertising project. Companies usually know what they need accomplished and they know what their ad expenditures are to be kept within a certain budget.

The question becomes: How do you compare the cost of advertising between the various mediums? Here it is important to understand the cost of reaching an intended recipient. For media with subscriber bases and established viewing audiences it will be easier to project a rate at which a target audience member is reached than for media which have not established viewership or who have models that tend to further fragment the market. For Internet programs with rotating advertising spots, it will be more difficult to determine how often the intended recipient is on line at the same time the ad is being rotated into view. Similarly, SEO program success requires that the right key words be matched with the intended audience. Here determining the right key words and the likelihood that the intended audience will opt for search engine support is important.

It will be necessary to compare the cost of each media to reach intended audiences. This will allow the development of a strategy that can use various media to meet an advertiser’s objectives within the prescribed budget.

Where possible build programs that create synergy among media components.

Recognizing that audiences are not pure in their media usage will require the development of strategies that understand customer behavior and media cost. For example, for an advertiser wishing to strengthen its image as reliable to current customers and present an image of innovation to attract new customers simply means that the message should translate to both audiences and be promoted using media that reaches both audiences. This synergistic approach tends to improve media effectiveness while controlling ad campaign costs.


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